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Next Steps for Summit Heights

There will be a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, March 12, 2023 immediately following worship to consider and vote on the proposal by the Administrative Council to act on the recommendation of the Discernment Team that Summit Heights join the Global Methodist Church effective June 4, 2023. All Professing Members of Summit Heights present will be able to speak and vote. This page contains information about the rationale and the Global Methodist Church for members to explore so they will be prepared to discuss and vote on March 12th.




The Discernment Team believes the Global Methodist Church (GMC) is the best fit for Summit Heights because:

The GMC is the closest in alignment with our belief in the historic essentials of the Christian faith and Wesleyan theology..

GMC governance is similar to what we have experienced in the past, however, the regional and global structure will remain much smaller and less expensive AND there are built-in mechanisms of strict accountability for bishops and conferences.

There is an existing network of other GMC churches in Kentucky.


To learn more about the Global Methodist Church, visit the following links:

The Global Methodist Church:

The GMC Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline:

Joining the GMC:

The GMC in Kentucky:

If you have questions, please contact any of the following leaders:

Dr. Cathy Bays, Admin. Council Chair, Discernment Team Member

Jim Post, Lay Leader, Discernment Team Member

Lori Boisvert, Admin. Council Member

Ashley Erwin, Admin. Council Member

Jean Farren, Admin. Council Member

Chris Guelda, Discernment Team Member

Linda Kliethermes, Discernment Team Member

Brian McCaulley, Sr., Admin. Council Member

Linda McFarland, Admin. Council Member, Discernment Team Member

Derrick Singletary, Admin. Council Member

Mike Welker, Admin. Council Member, Discernment Team Member

Pastor Chris Howlett

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